How to be a good film/movie/TV maker? When it is not 100% reality, what made by you is a lie, when it is a lie, you must make sure your lie is the "Lie of Good"; therefore, what your film/movie/TV (You need to know that you can get any path and/or stick to show up in front of screen to voice to behave to take action, you are belonging to richest most powerful forceful authority tie, you must be subjected to the highest moral integrity standard; if you don 長灘島't like to be subjected to that highest standard, you must not show up under the bright light in any way. That how every audience include private citizen [private civilian only needs to do his/her best when he or she showing up on stage or in front of any public screen.] Imus must have right to speak out honest to comment all professional whose play, voice, face, 襯衫behave, showing up on TV program. That how both Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice must more deserve to be killed or step down than anyone inside Afghan or Iraq, and/or Berlin Wall and/or USSR, because they have eaten public fund [You eaten public fund, you are 24/7/365 life time subjected to the highest moral and integrity standard. That how female must not be allowed to work in any public of 票貼fice; because the highest moral standard woman must have to do her best to stay inside her own place to please God order. USA is formed to look up Bible, woman who has any public tie, must have to be God believer, must have to be God fearing, must have to admit woman is second to man, therefore, woman must not be good enough to qualify to service the public. That how your USA must not be allowed to have public 買屋 school, because your public school must have to force every one of that school workers, students, parents, teachers, to believe in God. ] to forcefully abused public power to attack private civilian Imus's voice while Imus's voice not showed in front of TV screen time. Afghan or Iran or Berlin Wall or USSR not eat your USA public fund, not inside your USA border, you sucking USA must have no right to have a say to any issue seoa> happening there. Your U.S.Military once left USA site, must be unselfish Satan, nothing to do with your sucking selfish USA any more. ) showed must be absolute in the good side; any thing not light, not good, must not be allowed to show up in front of public eyes. That how in the film/movie/TV, you must not show any Chinese dialect sound, every one showing up in your Chinese tie must have to speak perfect mandarin; any role played by human form not suitab 買房子le to speak perfect mandarin, must not be allowed to appear in your film/movie/TV. If you want talking about "Shit.10", you have to rely on really recording, and faithfully show your recording time to let your audience to know what the exact time that instance happening occurring in your society.You Lie, must because you want to hide something shameful, something imperfect, therefore, you have no right to show any thing in the dark side, in the sad side, in the imperfect sid 結婚e in your man made film/movie/TV program. You have no right to tool man made film/movie/TV program to attack anyone; if you want to rely on story/words/voice to attack anyone, you must do it totally free of charge INDIVIDUALLY; you have no right to form a team (That how private civilian Imus can have right to criticize those team player or players, because criticize is or was that private civilian Imus's job to make a living, because your sucking capitalized USA has no room for a man to have 房屋買賣any room to live absolute free of charge, and man cannot like woman have right to starve to die, therefore, he must choose a job to make his living, and the job he got happening must have to do the tough duty to criticize those TEAM Players. You don't like to be criticized, then, do not join any team, stupid!) to attack anyone, not mention to make money at your sucking attack. That how you spy (That how you must not rely on real human to spy for you but spyware to make the recording to show exact time that instance happenin 室內裝潢g occurring under your watch like parents rely on monitor to place their baby and/or youngster under their watch.) , you must not got paid, because spy is a "Lie of Attack", "Lie of Attack" is worse than really attack. That how the crime that USA committed in that so called "Tearing down the Berlin Wall", in that collapsed USSR worse than the really invading Afghan, and/or Iraq that they showed in front of worldwide eyes. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 小型辦公室  .
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